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CZMadness now comes in 2 flavors - czmadness.net and czmadness.com

PDF's are mostly in and the gallery works.


CZ is the premier brand in VMX

If you look at all the brands, CZ is the best supported in all VMX.  Those dudes in eastern Europe as well as US parts suppliers provide amazing support for all of us.  We have it better than all  the other makes.


I have dreams of Carrera 98s

Really,  I have them.  Finding them in hidden stashes or seeing them in an obscure ski shop.  Wouldn't it be great if we could get them re-manufactured.   OK, they didn't provide the best protection but they were totally cool.  They were cool enough for Han Solo!   


CZ Hot Setups

Do you have a hot setup?  Please share!  I thought about swapping Japanese fork tubes in place of CZ but I need to do some testing.  Lee Holth has a giant list of hot setups.  I just would like to pass off something as my own.  What's yours?

Zebra Corner - Cologard

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